9 December 2010

Tron Legacy review - two thumbs down


I saw this movie at a preview screening last week.

It was extremely disappointing.

The 3D - what there was of it - was stunning. Jeff Bridges very entertaining in both of his parts, and Olivia Wilde gave a good comic turn. And the action scenes were passable (although reliant on slow-motion at times.)

However, the script was a mess: badly structured (overlong lead up to the world); no connections between the real world and the virtual; it lifted its structure and sequences directly from Tron and other movies (Star Wars: A New Hope for one - Mos Eisley bar, Bridges is Obi Wan Kenobi, and there's a dogfight with spacecraft); the virtual world made no sense (how and why would it have wind and weather?); there were plenty of overlong lectures and monologues; there were basic flaws in logic (for a start how does someone bleed in a virtual world?) and continuity (at one point a character has their data disc stolen. A few minutes later it's clearly seen on their back, when they're discussing how to recover it); and characters behave in contradictory ways.

The other major flaw was lead actor Garrett Hedlund. He just does not hold up as a lead in this film. Especially not when he's stood next to Bridges and Wilde.

(Image © Access Hollywood)

The biggest flaw was the lack of Tron. The lead character from the last film is now a (literally) faceless, generic goon. When Bridges character recognises him as Tron, it's hard to see how - Tron looks identical to every other goon in the film.

Watch the original. Tron Legacy is entirely skippable.

EDIT: @tronprogam2 has pointed out that the disc I mentioned earlier belongs to another character. So that continuity flaw isn't really a flaw. But I found it hard to pay attention as I was very ungripped by the film. And that particular disc comes to a grim end at the end of the film, which is another part to characters that doesn't make any sense.

Also, there's a blatant "Reason for the inevitable sequel" moment near the end.

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