9 June 2010

Writer's Drift restart

Well, I utterly failed to keep posting here at least once a week. As I was once told by Kathryn Corrick - a social media consultant - maintaining a blog requires a huge amount of discipline. Boy, she wasn't kidding.

Since my last post I've made a short film - Goodbye - which is running in the Virgin Media Shorts competition. And completely forgotten to maintain its blog - something I'm going to change soon.

I've been getting my head around Twittering (follow me at @rcosgrove). It really is strangely addictive.

I've finished a screenplay, had it read at Script Tank (which you can read about here blog post) where it was pulled to pieces, and I've begun work on rewriting it.

And now I've seen that the Red Planet Prize screenwriting competition is due, so I need to get a pilot episode of TV show finished by the 31 July. I have a premise, all I need now is a plot.

I've also updated this blog, with notices about the kind of freelance work I'm available for - script reading to proof reading. Just click on one of the links about to find out more.

And I'm trying to start The Screenplay Club (Twitter: @screenplayclub) - it's a book club, except for screenplays. Currently it's homeless, as it doesn't have a venue. But that will change shortly.

That's the update done with. The next post will be something actually interesting. Really.

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