23 February 2010

This is not me

Let's face it: our world is far more jacked in than the one William Gibson created in his Neuromancer trilogy. But even his peers didn't foresee the majority of the population owning handheld devices that could instantly access the net.

This means that people can discover a huge amount of information about you through that contemporary god of knowledge, Google. (As a recent would-be iPhone thief discovered.)

Now I don't do these vanity searches myself. I have Google do it for me, with Google Alerts.
And boy, do I have a fascinating and varied life.

I seems I spend my time writing about the American history for Citizen's Voice (the latest column being on Mark Twain), researching the effect humanity had on American rainforests 45,000 years ago, writing books on my favourite 25 horror movies around, and giving advice making US governors answer questions from their legislature.

And that's all on top of making a film.

No wonder I'm an insomniac. My life is too busy for me spend time sleeping!

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