6 January 2010

Scrippets test run #2

This is another test run of the (theoretically) very useful Scrippets. This CSS plug-in formats text in blogs into a screenplay format.


Close-up of a the face of a pretty woman, early-20s.

The picture is a freeze-frame from a camcorder.The picture starts. WOMAN is smiling. She retreats from the camera, slowly. Her eyes never leave the lens.

MAN (V.O.)

Why didn’t you tell me?

The woman laughs once.

She backs up a few more steps, turns around and walks away from the camera.

Not looking back.

The picture freezes. It rewinds. We’re back to:

UPDATE: And it works! Thanks to John August, Nima Yousefi, Will Carlough and Andy Maloney for creating Scrippets and its Maker.

UPDATE #2: This blog is now being imported to my Facebook page using Notes. Sadly Scrippets doesn't work there. So to get the full effect of Scrippets, please head to my actual blog.

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