7 December 2009

Goodbye: Script Tank script reading

Script Tank script reading

For the past year I've been a regular at a writers' group called Script Tank.

I'll post about Script Tank at a later date. All you have to know is that this group differs from other writers' circles in that its members are all experienced, professional screenwriters, playwrights and script editors. And many also act, produce and direct.

I have gone to many writers' circles. Each time I found myself surrounded by amateur writers. Occasionally one was supportive and well-meaning and helpful, but often they came across as bitter, aggressive, critical, and jealous. (Especially when they found that I'm a journalist. Encountering someone who writes for a living seem to pour acid in the seeping wounds that were their egos.)

In short, rather than pushing other writers to higher level, the people in these groups did the best to pull people down.

Script Tank does the opposite. I have learnt more attending these meetings than I have from reading countless books, blog posts, and articles on screenwriting.

A few weeks ago I wrote a short film, and was lucky enough to have it read out at Script Tank.

The piece was three minutes long, and was written so it could be made for a no-budget production (roughly, under £500). It used two locations, three actors, and maybe four lines of dialogue.

It got a round of applause. A long one. And a series of wonderful comments - both praising and critiquing the work.

Having my script be that well-received by experience professional writers, was a sorely needed confidence booster.

Afterwards I felt secure that the script was good enough to rehearse at an acting workshop that weekend. And that I was right when I'd decided to make the film myself.

So now I'm starting on putting the film together. First stop is to figure out how much this'll all cost. And that means getting a location sorted out, and putting a team together to make it.

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  1. Sounds like a great group, treasure it.

    I know of a couple of writers groups in the Brighton/Hastings area who managed to get funding for Skillset - to pay for guest speakers or whatever.

  2. Thanks for reading.

    I do treasure Script Tank. They're a great group, mainly because they're so picky about who can join.

    I'm going to pass on the idea to get funding from Skillset. Assuming the government doesn't cut back Skillset's funding, now the Film Council's money has been gutted.


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