30 November 2009

What I'm doing now

I haven't posted in this blog for a long time. Mainly because I haven't had anything of note to write about. But now I'm determined to change that.

For the past few years I've been writing comics and screenplays, and failed to get any made. Mainly down to not having any money to self-finance any of the projects, and not knowing how to convince other people to give me the money.

Now over this time I've been attending training courses, Q&As and talks by various filmmakers, lawyers, marketing, business and creative types, as well as meeting people from the UK and US TV and film industries, all the time learning how the industry works. And now I've got to the stage where I'm tired of not having something made.

Given that these industries demand a lot from people trying to break in, I've decided it's about time for me to get up and go, before my ambition gets up and goes.

So here's the plan of attack:

1. Finish the screenplay I'm working on.
2. Produce my own no-budget films.
3. Get promoting myself.
4. Don't give up.

And finally:
5. Don't give up.

Finding me
You can track me down at the following social networking sites:
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And you can keep track of my every thought at Twitter.

More posts will follow this one. Nothing's going to stop me blogging now!

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